A little bit of culture and on to Camp Caleb

After we checked out of the hotel, we headed closer to camp, making a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some last minute and any forgotten items. Since we still had some time to kill before check in at camp, we decided to pay a visit to Loretta Lynn’s Birth place, Butchers Hollar.  Although, it was closed to the public on Sundays (Many places in this area are still closed on Sundays), we were still able to drive by and see the General Store that is owned by her brother and look at her house.  Driving through the neighborhood and hollar, we got a firsthand view of the rural poverty that is widespread in Appalachia.

Group shot on the steps of the Historical Society

Loretta Lynn's Homeplace

We arrived at Camp Caleb shortly after 2:30 (check in time began at 2), and we were the first team (school) to arrive. We arrived just in time for a brief snow squall! We got our cabin assignments, unloaded our vans and started settling in for the week. Once everyone was settled in, tennis shoes were traded for boots, cameras were grabbed and the adventure of exploring the camp was on!


Camp Caleb... This way -->


Welcome to Camp!


Group shot at camp!

As the afternoon wore on, the other schools began to arrive, and WorkFest was on. The usual Sunday Orientation was replaced with disaster relief training, and still some uncertainty about what Monday morning would bring. Because of liability laws, we still didn’t have definite work sites, but the promise of work is there. We also have to be cognizant of FEMA officials and rules. This week is ramping up to be an experience like no other, different than what we had planned for, but we are still here to help our neighbors in need.


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